One Family’s Civil War – 3/25/2014

March 25th: Carolyn Ivanoff – “One Family’s Civil War” –  the military career of Capt. Wilson French, CT 17th Volunteers, and his wife Martha Bouton of Old Mill Hill on […]

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  1. Hi, my name is Michael Finnegan. I am a film student at Southern Connecticut State University. This semesters I will be producing and directing a short documentary on Bridgeport. The introduction of the project is a brief narration of the history of the city. I wanted to reach out to your society and see if there was anyone that would like to speak with us about the history of the city and maybe let us interview them to on the history of the city. Below is the synopsis of the film. Look forward to possibly working with your society on this project. Thanks

    Project Information:
    Title: BPT, Bridgeport The Real Story

    Logline: Bridgeport, the story of urban America and whys to save our cities.

    Bridgeport the Real Story is a documentary on the rise and fall of Bridgeport, Connecticut and how it has led to the city’s reputation as being one of the most notoriously dangerous cities in our nation. The goal of this documentary is to give insight on what makes people from the city perceived to be so violent and how that violence has affected communities and how these cities are putting out a call to action on ways to stop the violence.

    • Sorry for the delay and any inconvenience. This website has not been active since 2013. You might be best off contacting the Bridgeport History Center- bridgeportcthistory.org. Our new website for the Bridgeport Community Historical website: bridgeportcthistorical.org

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